Guy modifies his store ceiling with glass panels and now his cats are always watching him

October 30th, 2020

When we see videos of funny, adorable, and cute pets, it will surely capture one’s attention. The fact is, it doesn’t even take much for animal videos to go viral; with their innocence, they can easily capture our hearts.

Who doesn’t love adorable pet content? May it be photos, videos, or even articles about them! Just take a look at this example right here, just a few days ago; Twitter user @SCMcrocodile posted a tweet that went viral.

In just a few days, it already has 185K likes and 69.9K Re-tweets!

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His tweet was rather simple – he posted photos of his friend’s store and his cats.

Having cats also mean getting used to being constantly monitored by them. Whatever you are doing, as long as it catches their attention, then you’re sure to see them looking at you.

Cats may look like lazy animals that only cause trouble at home, but did you know that they are also very curious?

That’s the reason why cats often get into trouble or get stuck somewhere we wouldn’t even expect. Also, do you remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?”

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SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo
Source: SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo

What is the best place for cats to monitor what you’re doing in peace? Well, take a look at this store’s ceiling – yup, you’re looking at it correctly. Parts of the store’s ceiling are made up of glass.

It wasn’t designed that way, it was recently modified by the store owner, and this inspired his friend to tweet about it.

The Twitter user just wanted to share the photos of his friend’s store, he wasn’t really expecting his tweet to go viral, but it did.

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SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo
Source: SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo

His friend decided to replace some of the ceiling panels with glass, making it possible for him to watch his cats, however, it seems that his plan made it possible for his cats to enjoy the store’s view.

Look at these adorable and very chubby cats. It seems like they’re having so much fun watching the humans down the store.

What an adorable way to entertain these felines – thanks to their owner’s clever idea.

If you’re someone who loves cat paws or just curious about what cats look like from the bottom of a table that is made of glass, then this is your chance.

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SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo
Source: SCMcrocodile / Twitter Photo

They’re so fluffy and cute!

This simple store modification also allowed more customers to come into the store as the word about the cats spread out. It helped the store owner get more customers as well.

But, if you are inside just to take photos or look around, make sure that you don’t get these cat’s attention – because they will always be watching.

This tweet also made it possible for some people to create fun and witty comments. Some people said that the cats are the perfect “purrveillance system“, and some also gave the acronym CCTV a new meaning.

CCTV can also mean Cat Ceiling Top View!

We are pretty sure people who have ill intentions wouldn’t dare come in this store; after all, they’re not just effective CCTV but also amazing cat ninjas.

SMCrocodile also posted a photo of the cat’s mischievous acts if they are not fed on time – scary!

Nonetheless, these cats brought happiness to many people, and the said tweet is still being shared as of this day.

Check out the viral tweet below and tell us what you think!

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Source: SCMcrocodile, Bored Panda, 即新聞