Man wants to adopt puppy he rescued and dog has best reaction when he walks in the door

November 24th, 2020

As much as we hate to admit it, there really are people around the world who think they have the right to abuse animals, especially house pets such as cats and dogs. The good news? There are also folks who go out of their way to save neglected pets.

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One of these incredible people is Joey Wagner. The marine from Nova Scotia is a self-confessed animal lover and because of this amazing love and genuine care for them, he even joins in rescue missions to ensure their safety and welfare.

On one of his rescue operations back in 2012, Joey met a Pitbull named Mojo.

got to feed my little buddy today,ate right out of my hand!..he is alert and does respond to noise..wish i could just…

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The pup was in a very bad situation and had a skin condition called demodectic mange. It is a disease that is caused by a parasite, making him lose all his hair because what he had was a severe case of the said illness.

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Mojo looked really down and unhealthy, making Joey move right into action to save the poor dog. He immediately got him and brought him to a veterinarian so he can be examined and to receive the care he needed.

Even the veterinarians were alarmed with Mojo’s survival rate. It was unknown then if he can survive such a severe case of demodectic mange. Joey could only hope that Mojo will overcome his illness.

he looks alot better!!!!

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As Joey learned more about Mojo’s past and story, his heart grew even more for the poor pup. He found out that Mojo used to be a bait for dog-fighting circles, which led to his extreme condition.

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It was a miracle that Mojo made it and survived.

all pretty now!!!

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However, because of his severe case of mange, Mojo cannot be adopted immediately. Vets said he needed more time to fully heal from his wounds and finally be ready to face life again. As days went by, the brave pup slowly grew stronger and was ultimately considered for adoption.

Mojo spent a long time in the vet that the staff in the clinic has learned to love him. When it was time for him to go, everyone at the clinic was sad to know that Mojo was finally saying good-bye.

The clinic staff knew the perfect person to take Mojo home.

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The staff called Joey and told him that Mojo is all better now and is finally ready to be in a forever home. As his lifesaver, there is no one more fitting than Joey to be Mojo’s fur parent.

The marine was more than glad to accept Mojo in his home. He was absolutely ecstatic!

Joey and Mojo reunited when Joey came to the clinic shortly after being called by the staff. When the two met, the connection was instant and it is obvious that Mojo knew he was meeting his lifesaver.

This is what I did today……

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Their heartwarming reunion was all caught on camera and was uploaded on YouTube, earning over 1.3 million views in the said video-sharing platform. Wow!

What a touching reunion! Mojo is lucky to have Joey and Joey is fortunate for having such a brave and inspiring doggo in his family. This beautiful story about love and kindness is something that we really need to know and share.

I asked Mom to take a picture of me being nice so Santa Paws will know that I am a good boy….. well sometimes…

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Watch the video below to witness the heartfelt moment when Mojo finally found his forever home in Joey’s arms.

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