Family thought it better to abandon dog in cul-de-sac instead of pound

November 25th, 2020

Having pets is something that should be taken seriously. Sadly, more often than not, we come across abandoned pets that used to have a family but they dumped them when they didn’t feel like caring for a pet anymore.

“It barks too much” or “I don’t have time to walk it anymore” or, more recently due to the pandemic, “I’m afraid it might bring the virus home” or “I’m too broke because I don’t go to work anymore”, are only some of the excuses pet owners make when they abandon their dogs.

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However, dogs are creatures that develop emotions and they can actually feel the sadness that follows the abandonment. Although they cannot express their feelings verbally, it doesn’t mean they don’t have any. On the contrary, many of their reactions, like howling, barking, whining, or panting, are signs that the dog feels abandoned.

That said, it becomes clear that dogs, or any other pet for that matter, should not be abandoned as if they were toys or useless objects. They have a heart and, by abandoning them, it breaks.

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Sadly, this is what happened to a dog in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a few days ago. His owners heartlessly abandoned him on the street, although they were thoughtful enough to leave a bag of dog food next to him.

He was found by a local woman, who took pictures of the beautiful dog and posted them on Facebook along with a long text explaining what had happened.

“This dog was left on a dead end road in Kalamazoo today like this. If you know anyone that can help, he is currently with a friend,” Lindsey Keller wrote. “He is unaltered and young (1-2).”

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Keller went on explaining that the woman who took him in already had other dogs and that she couldn’t keep him more than one night.

Knowing that in the comment section people would go crazy blaming the former owners of the dog and making hate comments about them, she asked her followers not to do it.

“Please no bashing. His family apparently thought that this was better then the pound and we do not know their circumstances,” she wrote.

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And, while it is true that amid the pandemic, and with everyone’s financial situation getting worse and worse, the dog’s owners might have considered this the best option, it is inhumane to abandon a family member on the street. Because that’s what pets are- family members.

Of course, as expected, her post received lots of love and attention.

The next day, Keller posted an update on the dog’s story. He was already in a foster home, thanks to the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, and he would soon be up for adoption.

“Our mystery dog who was left by his family earlier this week is thriving in a foster home. He is currently waiting out his stray hold and then will be avaliable for adoption,” her post read.

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Caroline Mallie-Campbell then posted a photo and video of the adorable dog in his new foster home.

We are quite sure that the dog must by now have been adopted since he is so sweet that you can’t take your eyes off of him!

This was one lucky guy, but many other abandoned dogs aren’t. Let’s just educate ourselves and not abandon any animal ever again.

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Posted by Caroline Mallie-Campbell on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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